inFAMOUS - Second Son
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Launch Date: 21 Março 2014
Developer: Sucker Punch
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Ação | Sandbox
Format: Blu-Ray

Available for:

PlayStation 4

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After the first wave of next-gen titles, Sony is kicking things off to the next level with inFAMOUS: Second Son, an exclusive PlayStation 4 title from Sucker Punch.

For the first game in a next-gen console, the series introduces a new character, Delsin Rowe, an accidental superhero that you can shape to be good or evil, depending on the choices you make during the game. After an incident, Delsin discovers that he is able to absorb the special powers from the Bio-Terrorists, also known as Conduits. With the help of his brother, a city cop, he will uncover the truth behind the a military department called D.U.P. and why they are arresting all the Conduits, so Brooke Augustine, the head of the D.U.P., soon becomes Delsin’s main target.

The game is set in a smaller version of the city of Seattle, and while the size of the environment is not big enough to be a contender to other larger open-world games, there was a lot of thought put into how it all plays out in relation to the character and his powers, so you will never feel that the city is to large or to small, because for each new power you gain, travelling the city will become easier. Delsin will be able to acquire 4 main powers, and they all feel very distinct from one another. The use of the powers will require energy, so you will have to drain energy from the power related sources. For the first one, the smoke power, you will be able to drain energy from the chimneys in the rooftops, which you can reach by climbing the side of the building, or using the air vents that act as a fast elevator, or from cars in flames in the street, and so on.

If you stick to the main missions and don’t explore the environments, the game will be over before you know it. But if you do explore the city, you will be able to collect energy chards that you can then use to unlock new powers, or upgrade special abilities. If you are looking to have lots of side missions in Second Son’s open-world, you will be disappointed because there is not much else to do besides following the main plot. That being said, you will have a blast using your powers on the D.U.P. forces and killing drug dealers, if you choose to be one of the good guys, or lead the city into chaos and destruction, if you choose to be the bad guy. The karma choices you make will affect small things in the development of the story but not enough to be meaningful. The moral choices will and also affect what kind of abilities you will have for each of the powers you acquire. Some of them are unique to each side you pursue so you will be wise to follow one or the other path instead of messing around with both. Stick to your guns and you will be rewarded for it.

Apart from being the first real open-world game on the PlayStation 4, it also boasts some seriously impressive visuals with really high quality lighting and rain effects. The facial muscle animation is one of the best ever seen in a game. But there are also some face models that aren’t up to the main character standard, but overall, they are really good. While the world feels alive and dynamic, with the day and night cycles, changes in the atmosphere, and people interacting with you shouting you name while you pass them by, there are also moments in which you feel these same groups of people are just there with nothing to do and no real sense of purpose but to populate the environment. When you shoot a car they don’t even get out of it running and screaming. They will just wait peacefully inside for you to blow the car into pieces if you choose to do so. Sometimes it feels more like a playground to smash and to do crazy awesome stuff with your powers than a real live city, as seen in other games of this genre. Of course, with all the action that is going on, the character jokes and constant remarks, and the top notch graphics, you will easily discard these small observations.

inFAMOUS - Second Son is a visual marvel that marks the beginning of top tier exclusives games that are coming to the PlayStation 4. While it is short in extra missions, it more than makes up with an interesting plot, great character performances, excellent visuals, and a constant flow of new powers to mess with that keeps the game fresh from start to finish. 



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