Always Sometimes Monsters
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Launch Date: 21 Maio 2014
Developer: Vagabond Dog
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Genre: RPG

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PC Windows

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Out of money and out of luck you find yourself heart broken and on the verge of collapse. Your landlord's taken the key back, you can't finish your manuscript, and your beloved is marrying someone else. With no choice but to handle whatever life throws at you, you set out on the open road on a mission to win back the love of your life. The story from there is up to you. Can your life be salvaged, or are we always sometimes monsters? 

A story-driven experience focusing on relationships and emotional bonds rather than traditional RPG combat and adventuring. Indecision is your enemy and empathy is your weapon in a quest to earn one last chance to win back the love of your life. 

Choose from characters of different gender, race, and sexual preference and live through the common experiences and unique hardships of each based on your selection. NPCs may treat you differently based on your gender, race, or sexual preference opening and closing different paths along the way. 

Each playthrough is filled with a staggering number of diverging paths that can be discovered through both overt actions and subtle choices in conversation. The journey you experience will be tailored to your personal ethical compass as your decisions both conscious and subconscious change your fate. 

Always Sometimes Monsters is a story-driven role-playing game that gives players choices – a lot of them.  From your character’s name and appearance, to decisions that can be as simple as a yes or a no, or as complex as whether or not to let a certain character stay, the game offers a unique experience every time you start a new playthrough. Essentially, this is a title that cannot be recommended to just anyone.

Considering how crucial the story is to the whole gameplay, we won’t go too much into detail about what exactly happens. But the main crux of it is that your character has essentially lost everything, including his/her lover, and he/she is trying to get all of this back by going on a cross-country journey to win their love back. On the way to the destination of this trip, players will need to find ways to earn enough to travel further, while ensuring their character’s well-being, and making choices based on their own moral compass. All these things can determine what ending you will get, and judging from posts from users who have finished the game, there are a countless number of the endings available – with a couple of endings that can be interpreted as “good”, but also a good portion having at least one person suffering – an eerie reminder that even the smallest decision you make in life can lead to another person’s demise, even your own.

That said, Always Sometimes Monsters is not a game for everyone. It deals with choices that are sometimes so dark that the amount of introspection the game provokes can be quite overwhelming – some people may just want to avoid making those decisions altogether and end their game prematurely. In addition to that, based on the number of choices you have to make and how the previous decisions have affected parts in the middle of the story, it can be hard to pinpoint which decisions brought you to a certain ending. This, of course, guarantees a large degree of challenge and replayability for those who are interested, but it can also breed impatience among others who don’t want to go through a whole playthrough all over again just to get a better ending.

Admittedly, the amount of time spent to finish the game can be as long or as short as the player wants, with the developer stating that it can range from 2 minutes to infinity – meaning that there is a lot of dynamic to how one can choose to play the game. However, it can get grindy at some points when you’re working hard to earn some cash, but it does feel somewhat rewarding when you’re able to move forward on your trip and help others along the way as well.

Always Sometimes Monsters is a game that has a valuable message to share: life is certainly not fair and decisions can be tough. However, some aspects of its gameplay can leave some players wanting more and that, unfortunately, can prevent them from truly understanding what the developers are trying to convey. For something in its sub-genre of RPG though, Always Sometimes Monsters is a well-made game and definitely stands out from the rest in how it tries to break away from the linearity seen in many of today’s games. If you are looking for a thought-provoking experience and can appreciate the approach that was taken to tell the story, Always Sometimes Monsters will be a delightful addition to your game library.

Author: Kristeen Romero



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