Robot Blitz
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Launch Date: 02 Novembro 2013
Developer: Chillsters
Publisher: Chillsters
Genre: Ação | Arcade

Also available for:

Windows Phone | iPod Touch | iPhone | iPad

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Robot Blitz: Escape from Robotomo Bay is a highscore based arcade game bought into the modern age through the use of 3D graphics and touch controls.

You follow the story of the Roboto-5000, a scrap collection robot who is being held captive. To survive, and escape, Roboto-5000 is forced to collect and recycle scrap (in the form of nuts) that are found amongst the various environments of Robotomo Bay.

In Arcade Mode, you discover the story of oppresion and struggle as you venture from cell blocks to to zen gardens in your quest to escape the nightmare of Robotomo Bay.

In Survival Mode, you are the resident Roboto-5000 of a large island complex where the regime continually increases its guard count based on your scrap collection.

You are feeding the enemy, Break your chains and make your way to the promised "Zenland"!



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