Dead Nation - Apocalypse Edition
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Launch Date: 04 Março 2014
Developer: Housemarque
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Ação

Available for:

PlayStation Network - PS4

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Apocalypse Edition is an updated version of PS3’s 2010 frenetic zombie shooter that is now available for PlayStation 4. In this version the game runs at 1080p with improved textures, rendering and effects, and adds new options such as the possibility to map the controls to have quick weapon selection. It also includes broadcast+, an option that creates an interactive live broadcast where the spectators will be able to vote periodically in a variety of situations that will affect your gameplay. You will now also be able to participate in challenges sending your score to your PSN friends so that they then try and beat you while seeing your avatar during the gameplay. The previously release DLC for PS3, Road to Devastation, is now included in the game, giving you the extra modes Arcade and Endless, and during the campaign you will also have access to some funny memories to collect. The Dual Shock 4 also gets the speaker treatment so that you can ear useful information.

The games starts with a live action video that gives you a great movie like perspective, although the game itself does not aspire to such things with it’s dynamic but still always vertical camera angle. The campaign begins after you choose your character, male or female. Unfortunately this choice has zero impact in story and you will end up listening to the same lines regardless of the character you chose. The game incorporates some RPG elements such as upgradeable weapons and armor. Those have to be bought with the game currency that you earn by killing zombies and finding crates hidden in the environment, so exploration will prove to be greatly rewarding, especially when there is so much you can buy and upgrade, and let’s not leave out the ammunition for the guns. You can even buy some extras like mines, flares, grenades and molotov cocktails, all fully upgradeable. Among the guns you will find an SMG, shotgun, rocket launcher, flamethrower, a shock weapon, and a blade cannon. The only one with infinite ammo will be the rifle, your faithful ally when everything else fails. Buying a laser sight for your weapons will also prove to be a handy solution for blasting zombies one at a time or setting car alarms or even starting vending machines with one shot to attract zombies away from you. The environment in Dead Nation plays its own role and you will need to learn to use it in your advantage to save ammunition and blow dozens of zombies in the most cost effective way. Remember, you need to purchase everything you need each time you get to a safe zone.

The Arcade mode will put you up against increasingly difficult waves of enemies and branching paths, that you may choose depending on your interest, weapons, health and extras. Endless mode is self explanatory, the limit will be what you can handle with one life. There are a total of 10 levels in the campaign, and each one will have several checkpoints to access the store and make inventory changes. Online leader boards by country are an interesting addition to keep track of everything that is going on with the game and to create competitiveness among gamers from the same country.

Dead Nation feels like a complete game. Several game modes, including co-op multiplayer, more than enough difficulty options to please even the more hardcore, great looking graphics and atmosphere, entertaining and challenging gameplay action, and best of all, if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, it’s free. Either way, this is definitely a great addition to your games catalog, free or not.



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