Bird Smash
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Launch Date: 2014
Alternative Title: Flatty Bird
Developer: Neolithic Software
Publisher: Neolithic Software
Genre: Ação | Arcade

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While Flappy Bird gets a new clone every 24 minutes, Bird Smash, previously known as Flatty Bird, takes a new approach while maintaining the general looks, but completely changing the gameplay. Developed by Neolithic Software, also known for the space shooter Sinister Planet – Asteroids, this game is all about squashing cute little birds with big cylinders. Why waste money on therapy when you can do it with this game for free? And if you want to get down and dirty on these poor little rare creatures, you can go to the options and turn the gore on, and watch them turn into peaces with blood, eyes, and bones flying around. Be careful not to let too many bird behind because they will pile up and use the strength of numbers to end your therapy time sooner. On the positive side, this will give you a chance to squash 2 or more at a time. With responsive controls, easy on the eyes visuals, and addictive gameplay, this game will surely keep you coming back for more.

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