Pastry Push
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Launch Date: 10 Março 2014
Developer: ReFocus Labs
Publisher: ReFocus Labs
Genre: Puzzle

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iPod Touch | iPhone | iPad | Windows Store

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Welcome to Pastry Push, the sweetest game you’ll ever play. The game is powered by the Unity Engine, which guarantees eye candy visuals, and has already earned the “Best Overall Game" in the Game On Contest. The objective is to deliver the pastry to MOKO, that funny character that keep changing his facial expressions at the edge of the table with his sweet tooth ready to eat everything you send his way. The trick will be to navigate de pastry through the obstacles that lie on the table, collecting the golden cherries to unlock the next level. Your score, in the form of stars, will be influenced by the number of swipe moves it will take you to complete the task. So the less moves you make, the better score you will have. There are 3 episodes with a total of 81 levels and as you progress new objects and danger situations will be introduced to make your way more difficult forcing you to time your moves. Pastry Push it’s a challenging puzzle game with a good learning curve that will keep things fresh and interesting throughout the game.

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