Happy Lady Bird
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Launch Date: 11 Março 2014
Developer: Nezar Otti
Publisher: Nezar Otti
Genre: Ação | Arcade

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If you are a regular user of game apps on mobile platforms, chances are that by now you may have come across other similar games as Happy Lady Bird, however, for each new game that gets in the market using the same or similar mechanics, what happens is that the gameplay gets a little better each time, graphics get more appealing, and sound gets more engaging, improving the whole experience. And this is just the case with Happy Lady Bird. A cute little ladybug get’s put up against a matching background and all you need to do is tap your screen to navigate the animated character, for as long as you can, through a series of logs. We all know how this will eventually end up, with the face against a log, but the randomly generated log barriers will keep you trying and trying, time after time, while you listen to her human like sounds. The developer will also be updating the title with more unique features later on so keep watching this one.

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