Pixel Wings
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Launch Date: 06 Março 2014
Developer: RetroStyle Games
Publisher: RetroStyle Games
Genre: Ação | Arcade

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Missed Flappy Birds? Meet Pixel Wings - Flappy Bird multiplied by four! Pixel Wings is one of the latest additions to the growing library of Android games that put your fingers and your sharp vision to the test. Developed by RetroStyle Games, Pixel Wings will take you back in a journey to the 80’s and 90’s where pixels were kings among videogames. Unlike some of the other games in this genre, this title adds more content and delivers a very consistent visual and audio experience. There are four characters available, some are unlocked when you get enough points, and one of them you can get just by reviewing the game. What is great about this title and different from other similar games is that for each character you choose, you will get a matching background, so in fact is like you get 4 games in total. The game looks and feels very retro which will surely get you a free and nostalgic trip back in time. Even the 2D graphics of the background try to get a 3D scrolling effect, just like in the old days. How about the music and the sound effects? Well, I would hardly imagine it differently, they just fit perfectly. Pixel Wings is almost as hard as Flappy Bird is, so you and your friends will not become bored!

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