Invaders from far Space
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Launch Date: 08 Janeiro 2014
Developer: RFM Software
Publisher: RFM Software
Genre: Shooter

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Have good memories from Galaga and Space Invaders? Prepare to make new ones with Invaders from far Space. There are 2 main options, Survival or Campaign mode. Survival will put you up against an infinite number of enemy ships, and campaign more will have all the juice you’ll need. There are 4 difficulty modes, 6 levels with 9 sectors each and you can upgrade your ship. The enemies will drop upgrades as well as downgrades, marked with the color red, so avoid them at all costs, or shoot them to get more score. The P drops are for gun power, S for Spaceship Speed and so on, all standard and easy to learn. There is a real sense of progression that is directly linked to the upgrades and to the diversity of the enemies. At the start, some enemy ships will be tougher, resisting longer for your slow moving shots, but as you pick up more upgrades they will collapse under your multiple shots much more quickly. It will require a fair amount of tactics at the start but later on, when you get more upgrades, brute force will do the job. Invaders from far Space has a lot of features built in, like support for HID external controllers, so expect even better gameplay action if you have the hardware for it. Your persistence will reward you with a game that will last for weeks or even months.

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