Natural Soccer
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Launch Date: Março 2014
Developer: Thorsten Schleinzer
Genre: Desporto | Futebol

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If you remember games like World Cup Italia 90 or Tecmo World Cup, then you know what to expect from Natural Soccer, a new indie title now available for PC.

The game gives you 2 options, Friendly and League. From there you will be able to choose your team from 5 available countries, England, Spain, France, Germany and Italy, and then between the 1st or 2nd division. You will also be able to change the pitch type, from normal, wet, muddy, and plastic. In the options you can change the camera view from vertical to horizontal, control the height, tilt, radar size, select difficulty level, and turn on or off the auto replay. There are plenty of options for every kind of player, and more than necessary to enjoy a quick match before you go to work.

Controls are made from the ground up for a gamepad, in fact, everything in the game was created with the Xbox 360 controller in mind and you’ll see that from the get go. However, you will be able to use other gamepads. To keep things simple, the game uses only 3 buttons, slide/chip, pass and shoot. There is no option to select the player during a match but the game does feature logical decision making when you need another team player to push the game forward. Again keeping things simple.

Natural Soccer is an arcade football game that reminds us of the origins of the sport in videogames. While it hasn’t the visual complexity of today’s standards, or the licensed players and teams, the crowd will still cheer loudly when you score and the gameplay is refreshingly simple to be just right for a few minutes of play every day. And if you really want to dive into it and enjoy a full time match or play with a friend, the options are all there.

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