Fly Balloon, Fly!
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Launch Date: 30 Março 2014
Developer: PopSoda Digital Commerce
Publisher: PopSoda Digital Commerce
Genre: Ação | Arcade

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Guide your balloon across the skies but do not bump into the flying swords or your journey will end very soon... Conquer the skies!


When you think you’ve seen it all from Flappy Bird clones, along comes Fly Balloon, Fly! While there is not a substantial change at first glance, the game does introduce a new gameplay mechanic that acts like if we were controlling a hot air balloon. Knowing that in this kind of situation we must heat the air for the balloon to go up, now, instead of just tapping on the screen as many times as needed to avoid the dangerous swords, we need to hold our finger on the screen for as long as necessary to go up to the desired height. This mechanic alone makes the game a lot different than other games in the same genre and also much more difficult. The music is also strangely nice for a game like this, and it has a few tracks available. If you like this kind of games but got tired of the same old mechanics, Fly Balloon, Fly! could be the next step for you. However, expect a more challenging game but also a greater sense of achievement when you successfully avoid as many pointy blades as you can.

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