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Launch Date: 12 Maio 2014
Developer: Osao Games
Publisher: Osao Games
Genre: Plataformas

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Chronology is a mind-bending mix of puzzle, adventure and platform game where you defy time by manipulating the past and the future, in order to fix the present. Play as the Old Inventor and his sidekick The Snail, and take advantage of their special abilities - travel back and forth in time, stop time, manipulate objects and solve puzzles.

Key Features

• Time changes everything - Solve puzzle by travelling back and forth in - or freezing - time 
• Characters with heart and soul - Switch between two lovable characters with different abilities and combine their strengths 
• A mind-bending story line. As the story unfolds, learn how the main character has already played a central role in shaping the future of his world 
• A magical, colorful, vibrant and living universe that mixes elements from different times and cultures 
• Amazingly animated characters, machines and creatures, inspired by Hayao Miyazaki(Howls Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro)

Chronology is a side scrolling indie platformer created by Osao Games, based around the concept of time control. The adventure is set in a post apocalyptic world from the third person view of an old inventor who awakens in the rubble of a destroyed building. With no previous memory of what has happened before he awoke you progress through a unknown world. Along your path you come across a device that allows you to alter the flow of time. Able to move both forward and backward truly comes in handy with the numerous amount of puzzles that will stop you in your path. If you make any changes in the past it will be represented when you move toward the near future. This time control mechanic in games is not commonly used, some games do it better than others; but Osao Games has truly made it work in their favour.

The puzzles themselves were not very difficult, only a few times was I truly stuck, but after taking a different perspective on the obstacle in front of me I eventually figured it out. As the story continues you meet a snail that has the ability to freeze and after helping him out he decides to join you in your quest.

Chronology is truly a game where you can stop, smell the roses and enjoy the scenery. I myself have gone forward and back many times just to see what background objects change and by how much. The visual aspect of Chronology was very clean and delivered a beautiful cartoony art style that made the game very good to look at.

The audio in the game went perfectly with the gameplay. Starting with the menu music theme that has a clock ticking and piano playing, truly matched the theme of the game. The music in the game itself also gave the sense of  mystery and nature.

One aspect of the game which I did not favour was the dialogue toward the snail. The inventor seemed to always put down the snail whenever he had the opportunity to do so even if the snail was complimenting the old man. I can understand that the snail was annoying and hard to connect with, but I felt that the inventor went a little overboard.

The gameplay is truly what makes this game unique. While there are no enemies to fight, the game keeps your mind at work. You are never punished with game-over screens or made to restart the level if you end up falling off a ledge; it simply ignores that you have died and just leaves you as you were which is nice but has had its flaws where I have gotten stuck on a level and had no way to reset the objects that I have already placed.

In conclusion Chronology is a very interesting game that I would recommend to all of the gamers out there. The low price of $9.99 and the quality of the game easily marks this game a must play.

The concept of time travel can be difficult to understand, let alone create a game out of it; but Osao Games has managed to knock this one out of the park.

Author: Brandon Smith



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