Enemy Mind
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Launch Date: 04 Junho 2014
Developer: Schell Games
Publisher: Schell Games
Genre: Scrolling Shooter

Available for:

PC Windows

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A retro shooter with a new power: the power to become any ship. 

Lost in the depths of space, you are a being of pure psychic energy with the uncanny power to take over and control anything you see in order to survive. 

Built for PC, Enemy Mind lets you battle your way through 70+ waves of challenging enemies. Deftly maneuver over twenty unique ships, each with different abilities for you to harness. Backed by an all-new chip-emulated soundtrack by the psychoacoustic artist Rainbow Kitten, Enemy Mind features an adaptive story system as innovative as its gameplay. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of Enemy Mind? 

  • 8 levels and 70 waves of challenge 
  • Side-scrolling space shooter for PC 
  • Classic 8-bit art-style 
  • 20+ different ships, each with their own unique power and ability 
  • Adaptive story system that changes with your individual play style 
  • Multi-player co-op supports up to four players at once 
  • Original Chiptune-inspired soundtrack by Rainbow Kitten





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