Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space
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Launch Date: 2014
Developer: Z4g0 and Ivan Venturi Productions
Publisher: Merge Games
Genre: FPS

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PC Windows

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Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space, brings you a beautiful fusion of classic sci-fi, with modern mechanics and graphics! The game itself is a first person puzzle shooter, spawned from developer Fabrizio Zagaglia and is currently still in development, so keep in mind that all aspects of this preview will reflect the unfinished build that has been released to date by the developer.

Playing as John Longy, the Night Guard of the Jupiter research lab, of Olympus group, the night starts of as it normally does; saying goodnight to all the staff as they leave, and putting your feet up with a slice of pizza and your favorite comic. But immediately, things take a sudden change as a huge explosion knocks you out. You wake to find yourself in the deepest basement of the lab, with no memory of how you got there, why there are one eyes monsters attacking you, or where these secret rooms came from. You must use all your wits to find a way out of this ancient basement, and not only find your way to the surface again, but also protect it against what seems to be an alien invasion.

One of the first things you notice about Albedo is the look and feel of your surroundings. While this game was created on the Unity engine, the focus of its design was in a more classical era of science fiction. With Sonic Intercoms, and giant eyeballs at every turn, it is not a stretch to imagine this game being a hit film on classic television. This does not take away from the enjoyment of the game; however, in fact it overloads the game with fun and nostalgic moments, while keeping the mysterious nature of the story and plot.

The sights and sounds also add to the mystery of the game, to such extent that you really do have to sit back and just enjoy the puzzle you have been stuck on for the past ten minutes. With highly thought out graphics and interactive objects, sounds and tones that create perfect moods for each room, and a high attention to how your choices could affect your surroundings; Albedo delivers a completely unique experience.

The puzzles that are the primary mechanic of the game are nothing to be taken lightly. Some puzzles can be completed within mere minutes of entering the room, while others require much more time; and in some cases border lining to frustration.  Several puzzles are intended to be solved a single way, and if you the player, doesn’t follow the predesigned path then the puzzle becomes even more complex. This, however, is the only true critique of Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space; that a few puzzles may require more than the quick hint option within the game itself.

That being said, even in its pre-release state, Albedo delivers a fantastic gaming experience! Delivering a classic science fiction story, with fun and challenging puzzles that require more thought and effort to solve than most block buster games of recent years. And with the only comment of critique being to make slight alterations to already beautiful interactive mechanics.


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