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Launch Date: 28 Outubro 2014
Developer: Targem Games
Genre: Ação | Carros | Corrida

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PlayStation Network - PS3

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Blaze Rush – a third person racing that is a beautiful fusion of classic super Nintendo racing, and gorgeous graphics and styles – brings you the next multiplayer racing adventure. Created by Targem Games, this indie racing game pits you against aggressive and dangerous opponents on a fantasy track. Your goal? Why come in first of course, and complete as many of the side goals as possible along the way!

As you work your way through each map and challenge cup, you are granted access to new unique vehicles, ranging from a racing tractor, to a hover car; each with their own perks and drawbacks. You are then put into outlandish races, where missiles, solid fuel boosters, and a rogue car grinder push your skill as a driver to the limits.

The game itself is so over the top, with add ons to your cars, and the massive grinder chasing you, that you can’t help but laugh your way to victory in Blaze Rush. Seeing a six wheeled round car pick up a Gatling gun and boosters, is a perfect example, as it makes it look more like a cyborg turtle rather than a car.

The game is built to be played on either the PS3 or PC and is completely supportive of controller use on both platforms, making Blaze Rush even more of an adventure to play. Each car gives a unique feel of driving, some swaying top heavy, others turning in an instant, making Blaze Rush best experienced with a controller.

The graphics and AI within the game may not be ground breaking, but it doesn’t stop them from reaching the “wow”  level . The graphics are smooth, and beautiful, with smooth and vibrant colors; and detailed textures through the whole of the game.  Each car is specifically textured to optimize its feel and style of racer; and seeing the smoke plumes coming from your nitro boost on a night track is especially enjoyable!  The AI also gives you a challenge, on every track, so if multiplayer isn’t possible at the time, making your way through all the races is just as challenging  alone as it is with someone else.

The sounds and music that surround every race are rich and exciting, setting the mood for each race and keeping the energy of the game always at an all-time high. The sounds of the crashes and explosions are strong, the beats of the songs are smooth, making each race something worthy of dancing to.

Blaze Rush, with all its sights and sounds, it’s amazing retro feel, and with its multiplayer and  controller support; makes it a  thrilling game to play and watch. This sets it apart from similar style games and puts  it at the top of the line for games to share with a friend on a light Saturday night. Blaze Rush brings home a well-deserved 10 out of 10!



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