Rising World
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Launch Date: 2015
Developer: JIW-Games
Publisher: Kiss Ltd.
Genre: Ação | Aventura | FPS

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Linux | Macintosh

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Rising World developed by JIW-Games and published by KISS ltd, is an open world survival sandbox that strives to merge the graphics and physics of a first person shooter, with the crafting and imaginative world of other popular sandbox games.  Keep in mind, however, that all aspects of this early access preview are in their Alpha testing stage and that many aspects are still in development.

The graphics themselves are smooth and detailed, blending almost perfectly between textures of untouched terrain and mined out land. This makes even the sandbox nature of the world itself beautiful and enjoyable. The items are also well designed and have a fun and rewarding feel upon crafting them. From a replacement axe, to a war mace, the graphics are gratifying and highly detailed.

With the sandbox world at your fingertips, it becomes apparent that mining, chopping, and digging in the world was a predominant focus of the developers. As you dig into a mountainside, you become aware that not every piece of stone falls apart the same way, or gives the same amount of clearance. The same is true for any element of the world, giving a very unique and exciting feel to simple land destruction.

However, with Rising World still in Early Access Alpha, there is much left to be desired with the game. With items that are free to craft, and others that cannot be placed, or serve no purpose yet;  there is a constant reminder that what you are looking at is a work in progress.  After dying from walking down a hill, or being unable to pick up any object that has been placed, there is still quite a bit of work to do.

All that being said though, Rising World is bound to become a great survival sandbox game! With vast and exciting worlds, amazing story telling, and dangerous battles and factions; it has potential to create a sandbox game that fuses the best of all previous renditions and keep its own unique feel. Check out their steam page for more info, updates, and the Early Access Preview.

Author: Matt Adore



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